SEO tips from the experts’ 2013 – What should we SEOs focus in 2013?

For some time people seemed to think:

a) SEO can impact within two weeks on their website and
b.) Nobody asks in two years after the results of the current SEO campaigns.

I hope this has now changed. Your SEO campaign should focus on results in one or two years and consider everything, which has improved rapidly.index On poorly optimized websites can be a good optimization impact still successful in a short time, and it can still push the ranking up, if you have nice links from authority sites – so please do not cease! Nevertheless, please always think also, about whether Google after two years would still like what it is now.

Good SEO is always a good user experience go hand in hand, with good content and a good site structure. Many people still think that they do not have to follow it. Well, those days are over. SEO is no longer a simple marketing activity, but for serious marketing measure.index Prepare yourself to work. First, I would submit your personal page of an in-depth analysis and correct the basics.

Then we would consider together, what could be done to make the site for your customers seductive, with the best SEO practices it should not be forgotten. Some SEOs see this as a kind of task and think that from this point, Google would have won. I personally want to help my clients to earn more money.

SEO Tip of Ross Hudgens

I think we should learn to be better content marketer. We were SEOs, now we have to sell content to survive. I do not think we need to learn a content strategy for most verticals, but we must know how to use content marketing within a content strategy to most effectively to bring movement into the search engines.

In addition, of course conversions. If we simply focus on content marketing, and do it well, a whole lot of other things will develop an all-natural life of its own.