SEO tips from the experts’ 2013 – SEO Tip of Trond Lynbø

The difficulty lies in the proper focus actually retain the focus. Many clients think SEO revolves solely to higher rankings and greater search volume. From the SEO perspective, rankings are only a consequence, not a KPI. Only to pursue a single symptom often leads to a complete misdiagnosis of disease.Many website owners want to do as little as possible, as are expect stunning results.

The days of `Qick Fix SEO ‘are numbered, if not over. It is time to look at SEO from a different angle, with a broader, more general focus. A step further to withdraw rather than running blindly into new tactics. indexTo decide where you want to go really and to act according to a plan with a sophisticated strategy should be the goal. In the years 2013 to 2015, the strategy will determine the survival.

Let us help you. Been willing to pay for the help also. Remember that even the best SEO cannot compensate for a bad product. I need you to through a great offer, which saw both individually and in the mass increases the value of the target group, stand out from the crowd. You have to know your customers. Trying to understand them. Researched and analyzed their needs and problems. The better you can watch put themselves in the minds of your customers, the better your chances of success.

index2013 SEO is complex, with more data that must be analysed and modified application patterns (e.g. mobile). Therefore, my best advice is to go back a step, analysing your sales strategy, and then finds out where the leads you. Relevant content in 2013 alone are no longer sufficient. Google focuses attention on the author’s society and has already indicated that high-quality content always be better identified.

The semantic search and knowledge of graph can be immensely important this year. Google offers a new course to a sort of ‘answer machine’ will. The strategic SEO train leaves the station. Are you will follow it? Do not lose sight of your goal!